Vincent Mock – Activist. Artist. Deer Hunter.

Vincent Mock is a Dutch activist artist who inhabits many worlds. The African wilderness, the depths of the ocean; his sense of responsibility as an environmentalist is always reflected in his work. Life-size sculptures of endangered marine animals, blown-ups of planktonic creatures, the golden skull of a poached rhinoceros are but a few of the many artworks he has created to communicate his ideas about the world we live in. He uses gifts from nature to remind us of our humanity. 

Vincent’s latest art project Kauyumari, which involves a 20,000 year old fossil of a giant deer, is an attempt to raise awareness for the indigenous Huichol Indians of Mexico. This tribe has managed to preserve its traditions for centuries, but is now threatened in their existence. Vincent is fascinated and inspired by the pure relationship with their natural surroundings and their rich spiritual world. For him, the Huichol symbolize the harmony between nature and humanity that he has been looking for all of his life.


Octaviano ViLopez – Huichol. Artist. Deer Worshipper.

The young Mexican Huichol Indian artist Octaviano ViLopez provides for his family by practicing traditional beadwork art. This involves the meticulous creation of psychedelic color schemes and cultural symbolism, using thousands of glass beads. Octaviano left his hometown high up in the Sierra Madre and moved with his wife and three children to a nearby city in search of more prosperity, following many other young Indians of his generation.

Using his indigenous skills and crafts as an artist he barely managed to get by in the harsh urbanized settings. The tough circumstances, as well as the increasingly strong and innate ties that he feels with his family, people, and culture made him decide to move back to the Sierra Madre.  



Kauyumari – Deer. God. Art.

Kauyumari, the Blue Deer, is a divine spirit animal, who guides and protects the Huichol people in the rugged environment of the Sierra Madre. The worshipping of Kauyumari involves the hunting of real mountain deer and the consumption of the hallucinogenic peyote cactus. The Huichols connection to the spiritual world through Kauyumari is an essential part of their culture, expressive of their life in harmony with nature and all of creation.

The deer unites the artists Vincent and Octaviano, and is the starting point of their joint battle to save the Huichol culture. At a higher level, its ultimate mission is to reconnect humanity with the natural world. 

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